Hi, I’m Laura. I live and work in London and I like cooking, crosswords and snooker, not necessarily in that order. I’m also a Palace fan (as if you needed to ask).

I’ve been working in digital media since 2001, starting off as a project manager and then a producer at the Guardian, followed by stints at Transport for London, the BBC, Global Radio – where I made the move into product management –  blinkbox and Bauer Media. Most recently I’ve been Head of Product at Comic Relief, where I’ve been part of a team leading the organisation to work in new, user-centered ways.

Over the years I’ve made friends, learned lots and become passionate about digital, and especially about the people who work in digital. I firmly believe that you can’t build great products without first building great teams, and I think we’re reaching a tipping-point for many traditionally non-digital organisations, who are going to have to start thinking about operating in a completely new way if they want to continue to exist.

I’m full of ideas about how organisations – private, public and non-profit alike – can adapt to the new world by letting their audiences and their employees lead the way, so in 2016 I took the decision to move into freelance consultancy, so that I can enjoy being part of something decisive and transformative across different organisations and locations. I’ve worked in startups and business established for hundreds of years, for the private, public and non-profit sector, in organisations whose only business is a digital one and in some where digital is seen as a threat to the established business model. Across all of these I’ve found a simple truth: that people want to do their jobs well; that people want their employers to do well; that people thrive when they are accorded responsibility, respect, authenticity and openness; and that everyone, from shareholders to customers, from employees to trustees, benefits when those values are applied in the workplace.

If you’re looking for a consultant to help through a process of change within your organisation, for a freelance product manager or interim head of product to deliver a specific product or transformation, for a mentor or coach for someone within your business, please get in touch.

Writing and editing

I’m also a freelance writer, proofreader and copy editor. My rates are low because I’m just building up my business, so do get in touch for my help with anything from a flyer to a novel via essays, articles and blog posts.

Email me

But enough about me. What do YOU think?

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